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Were your local paid search management and optimization experts. We are certified google partners that are well equipped to drive sales and leads through all channels of paid digital advertising. Whether your campaign goals are centered around conversion rate optimization or brand awareness for a new campaign, the pay per click team at Bryant Digital has what it takes to meet and exceed your goals. We will work with you to identify and create the right digital advertising solution that fits the unique needs of your brand, your goals, and your target audience.


Our paid search strategy begins with your customers. We ensure that when users search for terms relevant to your services they are met with messages that connect with and motivate them to take action.


Our creative team will design and develop digital ads that demand attention and drive targeted clicks to your website. These digital ads are strategically optimized and placed all over the google display network.


Our digital strategists will tap into YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world. Connect with your audience with video across this vast network in order to maximize exposure and ROI.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Management.

Our paid search equation is simple but effective. Relevant keywords + smart creative = more leads and conversions. yes this equations is simple, however finding the variables is a process that trips up most “paid search experts”. What kind of content is most likely to convert? What makes relevant paid search keywords relevant? Through discovery and research our PPC strategy team is able to answer these questions, identify your audience, understand what they are looking for, and what makes them convert.

Bryant Digital is your partner for full-service pay per click management. We will manage and implement all aspects of your campaign from initial setup, keyword research, ad creation, and bid strategy. Every piece of your paid traffic campaign is managed in house. Our strategy, design, and development teams work seamlessly together allowing us to quickly implement, measure, and adjust your campaign ensuring they meet your business objectives. Lets connect for a no hassle consultation. Our team will analyze the best keywords and creative your marketing dollars are best spent on in order to dive meaningful conversions that lead to real business.

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Increase Leads, Awareness, and ROI.

The ad network allows us to reach over 90% of worldwide internet users. We will work to develop a custom strategy of targeting specific keywords, websites, website categories and users based on demographics, search history, and interests. Extensive keyword, audience, and competition research will send the most targeted and relevant paid traffic possible to your website. For best results we use A & B testing with various ad types including text, banner, and rich media ads. This process ensures we are motivating your audience in the most cost effective way possible. We ensure the proper user receives the proper message on the proper platform in order to influence action.

Don’t waste precious ad spend on users the don’t convert. We capture data and create re-marketing lists of users that were interested in and clicked your ads, but did not take action on your website. We also use various platforms such as Facebook to collect user data build re-marketing lists. Re-marketing allows us to run specific paid ad sets to only users we know are interested in and have already interacted with your brand. Re-marketing is simple, low-cost, and results in very high ROI.


Custom Audiences


Re-Targeting Ads


Email & Mailing List Targeting


A&B Testing


Display Ads


Text Ads


Rich Media Ads


Metrics & Tracking


Monthly Analytic Reports

Scaling and Reporting.

Once our strategy had been clearly defined and implemented we begin the refinement process. Bryant Digital’s pay per click experts will track all the important variables crucial to the success of your campaign such as: cost per click, impressions, traffic, bids, click through rates and more. Using the raw data collected throughout the campaign we are able to optimize your ads to achieve the maximum amount of conversions.

After refinement and conversion optimization has been achieved you are now positioned to scale the campaign. Understanding metrics will give us a road map to use while increasing the aggressiveness of your paid traffic. Each month our strategists will send you a detailed report recapping the previous months success. This PPC report will contain information such as traffic, leads, conversions, and ROI. We will also use your feedback on our results to craft an ongoing plan for the upcoming months. Bryant Digital is your full-service paid traffic partner.

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