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Bryant Digital is the leader in mobile app development Virginia. We use mobile apps to solve real business problems. From wire frame to ROI Machine, Bryant Digital offers every service necessary to develop mobile apps that make business sense. We’re here to turn your idea into a living, working mobile marketing platform for iOS, and Android.


After an in-depth discovery meeting about your business, your vertical, your strengths and your challenges, we will develop a complete mobile strategy for your brand.


After expertly crafting your mobile app strategy and determining how users will interact with your solution, we then design and develop all of the technical specifications for the application.


The Bryant Digital team has your back! Our best in class ongoing support is here help our clients continually improve and manage their existing solutions.

Mobile Apps Have Changed the World

This year we have the tenth edition of the iPhone. Don’t worry we are not going to advertise the product nor are we speaking about Apple, but rather want to make the simple comparison of how the whole world changed in the past ten years. Mobile app development was a profession that basically did not exist a decade ago, while it is among the most paid professions now and the market’s demand is huge, however, we are not doing an expert review on the profession either.

Originally all of the mobile app development Virginia was oriented towards single function applications, to this day your phone has such software. Take the calculator or the flashlight for example. However as the demand raises, so does the level of competition. All of that leads to developing more complex software which aims to take a larger market chunk and put their competition off. The only way to succeed in such a challenging task would be to efficiently put a lot of functions of different apps into a single package.

At this point of time, the mobile devices are doing to the computer what the smart phone cameras, did to the dedicated cameras and there is no turning back.

Mobile App Development Virginia

Why Mobile Apps?

The most important reason because of which the mobile app development increased its productivity so fast, however, was because the modern hardware enabled it to do so.  You have probably heard that the thing in your pocket has better hardware than the shuttle which carried Neil Armstrong to the Moon and that is correct. There are very few restrictions when it comes to mobile app development on the side of the hardware. It is all up to the mobile app development Virginia companies and the imagination of their staff on what new thing to create in order to benefit the public.

The last ten years have truly been amazing when you look at the amount of progress that was done in the mobile device production and the software supporting the overall user experience.


The Mobile Craze Is Here


Users Prefer Apps To Websites


Skyrocket Your Brand Recognition


Increase Customer Engagement


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