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When looking for a video production Virginia Beach company, you want a team that is creative and passionate. You need a team that can not only execute your vision, but also craft your video with a marketing agenda in mind. We are not your typical Virginia Beach video producers. We are industry leaders, with a main focus to establish you as a professional in your industry through engaging video content that will drive traffic to your business and generate real clientele. Whether you are looking for a video to educate people about your product/services, or a TV commercial ad, our team of expert videographers are the industry leaders for video production Virginia Beach.


The plan and storyboarding phase is critical in outlining the production and goal of the video. Here we establish a video agenda, and develop a thorough plan outlining the project.


The execution phase: Producing, filming, editing. We have the industries top equipment, and a team of expert videographers to film your project.


Once your video has been processed, finalized, and approved, we launch your project across a strategic digital platform outlined in the storyboard.

Storyboard & Discovery Process

The foundation of every one of our commercial video projects is a strong storyboard with a defined marketing agenda. We start by identifying what digital platform you plan to convey the video through. Different digital platforms we produce video for include television, web, and social. The platform helps to determine the best approach for the outline and composition of the video. The next step in our storyboard process is to determine the goals of the video, and establish a marketing agenda. Is it an explainer to share your new product or service with your target audience? Or a fun social media campaign to drive new traffic to your website?

Depending on what the goal of your video is, we may need to produce your film in a different way. Our production process is based around the storyboard and marketing agenda. Outlining who your target audience is, where the video will be viewed, and how long allows our team to develop and produce a film that achieves your goals. Our marketing based approach has allowed us to produce the best lead generating video content in Virginia Beach. Once we have identified all of your goals in the storyboard, we dive into researching your target audience to determine a plot that will capture your audiences attention. Our commercial videos are strategically designed to appeal to your ideal client, and present a call to action.

Video Production Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach Video Production & Editing

The success of our production lies in the storyboard. Once we have crafted your storyboard and come up with a film outline, we set a production date and identify production time. We utilize professional local actors, the industries best equipment, and strategic on set guidelines to ensure that your video is produced at the highest quality.

Our team of project managers, videographers, and on set directors collaborate on set to carry out the storyboard outline real time, and execute your project during the set time. The project managers and directors make sure there are no missed steps, and review the production real time to ensure everything is carried out smoothly. The last step of our production phase is compiling and editing.

Bryant Digital s in house staff fully processes your video, from sound enhancement, to color grading, to after effects motion graphics, our team will work to polish our your finished video once all of the clips have been arranged. Our streamlined, refined production and editing process has made Bryant Digital an industry leader in Video Production Virginia Beach.


Refined Process


Top of the Line Equipment


Storyboarding + Planning


4k Drone + 360


Voice Acting + Audio Engineering

Video Project Completion & Publication

The goals and marketing agenda outlined in our storyboard stage of development determine how we launch and publish your video project to the world. For each different digital platform we develop a launch strategy and analyze the best pay to publicize your video. A business can have the best video in the world but without proper market research and a backed launch strategy your audience will never see the finished product.

Our team of marketing experts will research your industry during the storyboard process, to evaluate which platforms will work best for your specific goals. When the video is launched, we don’t just leave it be. Our analysts will track and monitor the progress of your video, and report to you the success on each digital platform.

The most important thing for every video project is proper projection and publication. Our team at Bryant Digital will take your project from the discovery and storyboard phase, to production, to finally launching your video with a marketing agenda in mind throughout the entire process. This ensures that when we launch, we get the results your business needs.

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