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Bryant Digital has designed, developed, and launched dozens of beautiful websites. A great user experience centered design is only part of our equation. Our web design Virginia Beach experts start each project by working with you to define a clear set of objectives and goals that we use as the foundation, as we craft unique and engaging websites, web apps, and mobile solutions. All of our website development is backed by a powerful content management system (CMS). Our web design company Virginia Beach will give you the power to increase leads and maximize your online opportunity.


We develop websites mobile-first through a responsive website design approach. Your website code adapts your design for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


Our websites can be managed, kept up to date, and secure with an easy to use back-end through custom WordPress content management system (CMS) development .


We communicate with you, and keep you up to date through all stages of your web design project. At Bryant Digital, we know if you succeed, we succeed.

Virginia Beach Website Design Process

The web design process is a crucial part of website development. It is the part where the feel and the look of your website are created. Here at Virginia Beach Web Design, we are armed with experienced and professional designers who can deal with the entire process; from the proper color selection to the mock-up creation. We believe that this is more than just adding amazing pictures on your website. We make sure that we pay attention to every detail in order to create the most effective, conversion driven, user friendly, digital experience possible for your target market.

We don’t believe in “cookie-cutter” web design. When it’s time to chose a website design agency Virginia Beach, nothing beats a design that separates you from your competition and turns your prospects into profits. As we mentioned above, our website design will undergo a comprehensive process. We will guarantee that we will incorporate the different elements that will meet your goals. Call or email us today for a free no-commitment consultation.

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Responsive Web Design Virginia Beach

Information Gathering

Gathering the necessary information is a crucial part of our Virginia Beach Website Design process. We are aware that there are different matters that we need to take in consideration. Some of the information that we will need will include your goals, the purpose, your target audience, competition, message and the type of content.



We will help you determine your particular goals. Whether you want to make a profit or share information using your website, we will be able to provide that.



Whether you are creating an e-Commerce site or you want to be a source of the latest news, we have the power to create a design that suits your preference.


Target Audience

We can support you in identifying the right set of audience that will help you meet your goals. Their interest, gender and age will help Virginia Beach Web Design to determine the appropriate style of your website.



Regardless if the targeted audience is looking for service, product or information, we will be able to provide that information in an entertaining way.


After we collected the necessary information that we will need to design your website, the next process is about planning. During this process, our Website Design Virginia Beach will draw a sitemap. This sitemap is basically a list of topic and sub topics of your site. This will serve as our guide on determining the right content that we will include on the web page. This is important in designing an easy-to-understand website with a simple navigation system.

Web Design

In this process, we will start to create the feel and the look of your website. Your target audience will play a crucial role in our Virginia Beach Website Design. The site that is aimed at a younger audience will look different from a website of a financial institution. After creating the prototype of your website, we will submit it to you which give you the opportunity to determine the parts that needs to be modified.


The development is where the website is created. The different graphic elements from the mockup will be taken and be utilized to create a responsive and functional website. We can provide you an access to the project, which gives you a real-time update about the development of your website.

Finally, we at Virginia Beach Website Design will make sure that your website will function as expected before we deliver it to you. It will go through different testing process such as optimization, compatibility issue, scripts and others.

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