To ensure that your websites rank well in search engines, it is vital to have an in-depth understanding of search engine optimization (SEO). Many people do not realize the significance of this element in their online business, and most business owners face several SEO issues that hold them back from pursuing their online strategies.

This article provides a list of the most common technical SEO, on-page and website problems, along with essential details of how these can affect your overall search engine rankings.

Inevitable SEO mess 

In real-life situations, regardless of how diligent, proactive or organized you are as a third-party digital services provider, you cannot please everybody. You will always encounter irate clients for committing minimal shortcomings, website malfunctions, unintentional SEO campaigns that failed, and some logistical challenges brought by internal miscommunication. 

When managed with tact and open-mindedness, most of these challenges can be resolved. The secret behind this is to know what lies ahead as you embark on providing SEO services to your different clients. 

Facing head-on common SEO challenges

Below are some of the common SEO issues to resolve and options on how to overcome them. 

#1 Striking a balance between task and client loads (meeting expectations)

To succeed in any SEO campaign, you should have a project management approach by being ultra-organized. At times, you may experience taking too much compromise or simply it is impossible to deliver everything as you have promised on schedule with the necessary best quality control standards.

In addressing this challenge, it is highly advised to initiate effective reliable framework in project and task execution. This enables you to delegate the workload while optimizing your available resources and minimizing exhaustion in finishing a task.

A successful SEO campaign is not a means but an end. This is accomplished through small, manageable tasks conducted over a period. Unable to monitor the project’s progress regularly like auditing weekly rankings, frequent speed optimizations, and publishing fresh content, the entire campaign might fail or will not meet expected results.

Success is achieved by doing digestible tasks that are managed by your committed team within ample time. Within your team, it is best to have proper documentation of your processes, enhance them regularly, and consolidate them to your project management framework. 

Take time to know your staff insights and suggestions on improving your daily workflow and processes. Be open to new perspectives and never dwell on traditional tactics or this can be a dead-end.

#2 Handling client expectations

It is not a clever idea to learn client expectations the hard way. Never over-promise something to a client then under-deliver afterward. This is a common mistake, especially when dealing with a ‘big fish’ client that you are chasing for a long time.

Impossible expectations are a huge turn-off for your client in the end. Keep realistic promises. Avoid impressing your client with empty words. Reliable results speak louder than too-good-to-be-true promises.

For every client call, quotation, proposal or upselling a regular client, better set realistic expectations. Getting the sale may not come every time but being transparent enables you to have a good business reputation.

Existing and potential clients will always value honesty. Keep your hopes high that eventually, prospect calls may open six months later with fewer expectations.

Aside from providing the right expectations on deliverables and campaign goals, these should also be applied to project scope and client communication. Set the targets early on to successfully manage this challenge. 

#3 Unexpected decline in rankings 

Who would not want to oversee a successful SEO campaign that generates satisfactory results, increased traffic, and a good rapport with a big client? Suddenly, all your earned successes die down. Oftentimes, this may be caused by technical issues such as a change in search engine algorithm. Sometimes, this is brought by some alteration in the client’s strategy like budget constraints or change of management. You need to act fast during these times and work at your best efforts in a moment’s notice.

In case of a search issue, put in place some standard protocols to identify the root cause and resolve ranking drops. In facing client-side problems, be sensitive enough to show support in helping them to transition and prove your worth as a partner service provider.

#4 Keeping your firm updated with the latest trends

As a service provider, it is expected that you are always current with the changes in the algorithm updates, search industry, and Google features. Otherwise, this can be a burden when caught off-guard. This is very challenging when expanding your business operations, growing your network, and addressing staff issues and logistics. Time is of the essence, so you always need to upgrade your current systems and invest in the necessary tools to get updated.

As needed, invest in heat map software, new keyword research tool or tracking device. Consult your team and inquire about the resources that will make their work much easier, help them be more productive, and perform their tasks efficiently. From the time you accept there are rooms for improvement, this makes things very handy to climb the ladder of success. Look around and see for yourself a new social media network, search feature, and CMS to increase your technical know-how. Let these tools work at your advantage.

#5 Dependence on one channel approach

Although there is such a thing as specialization, you might commit a huge mistake to rely on using a single channel strategy. Using only one tactic is never enough and do not expect to always succeed in your SEO tasks. 

By applying various methods from search engine to online presence optimization, you will achieve improved and more stable results for your clients. Conduct optimizations on client websites, citations, social profiles, and directories. Keep in mind that everything from Amazon to Instagram uses a search engine. It is crucial to optimize your online presence across various social media channels to succeed. 

#6 Overusing a multi-service technique

SEO works well with content writing, web design, paid ads, social media management, and email marketing. With all these services used in proper perspective, these make SEO very logical to use, enabling clients to have a strong online presence.

Beware of offering related services that are not part of your expertise even if the client requests for it or you will surely fail. You may end up failing an email migration with an irate client who would not even bother to know about their SEO rankings.

#7 Focusing on metrics instead of leads and sales

For experienced digital service providers, you are fully aware that most clients are only focused on two important elements such as leads and sales. Whatever SEO audits you conducted, technical changes you did on client websites or enhancements on how fast their website loads, in the end, what truly matters are the results brought by these initiatives. Prioritize on strategies that can help your clients increase their leads and sales. Too much focus on rankings or metrics does not translate to business profitability.

#8 Being too familiar or comfortable with your client

Superior results are never a guarantee of gaining your client full trust and confidence. Still, consider ensuring constant communication as a vital element for a long-lasting relationship.

Achievements, efforts, and results are insufficient in keeping a client for life. Avoid taking a client for granted and assume what he thinks or feels about you as a service provider. Always consider if your client is happy with what you deliver. You might be surprised that he is willing to fire you for being insensitive to what his business needs. 

Take note the warning signs such as being unresponsive to emails or calls, extensive delays in invoice payments or unreasonable reactions to suggestions, which show discontent in your overall services.

#9 Breaking the client saturation point

Regardless of your work quality, there is always a timeframe for an SEO-client relationship. In two to three years’ time, 

many clients are ready to experiment on new things and take new ventures in doing their mundane tasks. 

In some cases, financial concerns can cause these changes. Despite delivering great work for them, they may opt to invest elsewhere. At times, after much success in SEO work, they want to move on. After attaining a plateau, they may want to try something new with a better service provider.

You cannot keep every client forever but by being proactive, you can at least have better client retention and showcase your capability as a good partner for their continued success.

#10 Managing adversity

The road to client success is never a straight line. You may have prepared every step of the way, perfected each process to the minute details, and have a nimble strategy. However, there will always be obstacles to hurdle, even weather disasters, at times.

Common issues include a huge client walking away, an aggressive competitor snatches your market share, staff turnovers, office leasing issues, and client complaints. Each day has a battle to overcome, including recession where client budgets inevitably become limited and reduced their value in funding online marketing initiatives.

Facing adversities is inevitable. The question lies in how you will overcome these challenges. This is where your creativity, flexibility, poise, and open-mindedness are assessed. Develop a safety net to prevent client or staff loss, including crumbling data loss.

How Bryant Digital Services can assist you

Through understanding SEO techniques, strategies, and problems, you can face anything head-on without fear or apprehension and remain composed in dealing with any operational issues.

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