In today’s technology landscape, most businesses’ marketing strategy has gone digital. Both end-users and enterprises are using various online platforms when communicating with friends, buying products, and selling their goods and services, respectively. 

As an entrepreneur seeking to reach your target sales and profitability, the ever-changing business environment can be overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with the current trends and effective strategies to succeed in your endeavors. Being on top means developing and fine-tuning your goals while keeping flexible digital marketing strategies.

Digital marketing strategy defined

A digital marketing strategy refers to a series of well- planned events that assist enterprises in attaining their business goals using a broad selection of online marketing tools. These involve earned, owned, and paid media, which are geared toward promoting a specific product campaign and achieving specific marketing objectives. Simply, a strategy is a plan of action to meet the desired goal or several objectives. 

In selecting different digital marketing strategies, you have a freehand in what available technique or technology applies to your business. Be keen on the recommendations of your peers on the best strategies to use. Everything needs to be carefully planned to optimize the impact of your selected approaches to your overall operations. 

Several innovative processes to help boost your online presence range from SEO techniques to landing pages. Other things involve local search marketing and the growing popularity of videos as tools when promoting your products and services. Below are some digital marketing strategies to help you succeed in your business.

#1 Search engine optimization (SEO)

In digital marketing, SEO is one of the best strategies that should not be ignored. SEO is critical for businesses when looking for new customers and promoting brands, where search engines assist your existing customers and prospects to find your brand. This is achieved if your sites rank high in Google. SEO is a powerful tool to increase your revenue based on your web traffic or searchability when looking for a particular product or category. 

If Google’s algorithms remain confusing and quite difficult to grasp as a newbie in this field, it is highly advised to hire an SEO expert to manage your website and make things handy in implementing this tool. In understanding how SEO works, it is very helpful to have someone who can fully assist you in realizing your desired business goals.

#2 Search engine marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing (SEM) is an online marketing tool where you build your search engine results pages (SERPs) using paid advertising campaigns. It is highly advised to hire an expert who is well-versed in Google Ads and search/display ads to assist you in this type of marketing.  

Google Ads help in gaining customer attention as you customize your marketing ads. You can freely use in-app mobile, graphic display, text-based search or YouTube video ads. Choose your preferred promotional style in attracting your target customers. Google provides localized ad capacity, including superior metrics to assess how your ads perform. You may also consider other paid ad media like Facebook ads. This provides you an adequate opportunity to try different ad formats.

#3 Local search marketing

In recent years, local search marketing has been widely used. It is an approach local businesses use in order to target and get the attention of local consumers. As part of Google’s advantages,  Google My Business is a great tool that is used when a potential customer can view your listing instantly during a Google search using keywords. Your business can be easily highlighted on Google Maps. Google regularly updates your listing and ensures it is up to date. Having online reviews and building your social media presence is part of this digital marketing strategy. By gaining positive reviews, your customers become curious and look deeper into what you can offer. Through social media, conversations can be initiated and viral content can be posted while integrating inbound marketing. Inbound techniques attract clients to know more about your products and not the other way around.

#4 Content marketing

Related to inbound marketing as cited earlier, content marketing is a good strategy to attract your target customers. A key to content marketing is to create valuable content. It should be both consistent and relevant so your viewers spend time on your website.

Useful content is something that provides solutions to customer pain points and remains evergreen to any prospect. Avoid using shortcuts or employing black hat SEO strategies simply to rank high in search engines. With Google’s all-seeing eye, this will surely not work. In content marketing, content is “king.” For your marketing efforts, focus on several initiatives like influencer marketing, mobile content, automated marketing, and native advertising.

Meanwhile, in mobile content marketing, smartphones are employed in most advertising efforts globally. This has a significant impact on digital advertising and how your brand will be promoted by your influencers. In terms of automated tools, content is distributed to potential customers using mobile devices in a timely manner. 

#5 Remarketing

Remarketing is revisiting the prospects again using marketing content if they initially fail to respond to the site’s banner.  This can be done by monitoring your site visitors using cookies and creating new ads on other sites. Also, new ads can be placed on your website to attract your potential customers. The gathered data taken from your site visitors can provide valuable insights to modify your ad content to address your customer pain points.

In remarketing, this enables you to be more engaged with your target clients, increase brand awareness, and attain higher conversions. Also, you can convert your competitors’ customers like your new clients and regain any investment made in the created ad.

#6 Conversion to responsive web design

Going mobile to gain more customers has become a common trend. This is expected to grow in the next decade. Designing your website like mobile screens is considered an effective tool in digital marketing. To succeed in this task, adopt a responsive web design. Responsive programming helps build your site to easily conform to the mobile screen features. Use these formats in tablets and smartwatches. 

#7 Upgrade your email marketing initiatives

Have your email marketing efforts been effective in converting your potential customers in a timely manner? Email marketing is a powerful tool to generate more leads compared to any other marketing strategies. Also, it is very efficient in increasing your sales and conversion rates. One best option, especially if you are under budget constraints in digital marketing, is to settle in email marketing. It is a proven initiative to reach more prospects. It is usually free but may require a minimal fee for outsourced services. This can also be integrated with other marketing media. You can use icons when sharing social content and employing reward systems for referrals. Email marketing reduces your sales cycles if you have interesting content.

#8 Exploit social media marketing (SMM)

Posting social media content is not enough to generate sales leads. It should be very effective all-year-long to convert these into sales and target profitability. If you have numerous followers online, automating your content posts is very crucial. You can take advantage of tools like Hootsuite to schedule posting of content to reach other users in different time zones. You may also opt to recruit influencers who can post interesting content on your different social media channels. 

#9 Automate marketing strategies

Most successful businesses today are automating their marketing strategies to succeed. This is the future trend of marketing. You can start by searching for CRM platforms with built-in marketing automation. By directly automating your digital content, you integrate marketing efforts in your contact list and let them stay all in one place instead of maintaining scattered sources. Automation ensures consistent content across all media channels to prevent brand confusion.

#10 The power of influencer marketing

Promoting your brand online by recruiting influencers is not confined to celebrities. A social media influencer does not always mean he or she is a celebrity. This individual can be someone with hundreds of followers and a good track record in product promotional activities. Ensure to monitor your results when checking your ROI. However, you have to note that those with fewer followers can have much influence compared to those with ten-folds of followers.

#11 Video creation

For the past decade, people have been exposed to the visual culture with great attraction to imagery in the digital realms. All these come in different forms as they reach the top. This is where more consumers prefer video as compared to other visual media. Many online marketers today have a growing interest in video content of any sort. Thanks to the increasing viewership on YouTube. To make your posted videos matter, they should have compelling value for the viewers.

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