Selling a product or service to a business, or B2B Sales, is much different than selling to a normal consumer. You have to adjust your mindset from selling to teaching. B2B prospects want to be educated, not pushed.

Throw away your old script. Taking time to listen to the needs of your prospect, and mend their pain points. People don’t care about you until they have a reason to care about you. Understanding what is important to your business to business prospect, and presenting a solution, is the secret sauce.

We have been generating B2B sales on behalf of our clients for years. After generating hundred of leads we have learned a few tricks that make all the difference. Here are 5 ways to increase your B2B Sales.

1. Do Your Homework

Before you make any sort of outreach to a lead you want to do some research. Use social networks like LinkedIn to easily learn important details like company name, size, and job title. A quick Google search will help you understand if their company is well funded or in a financial decline. Did the lead contact you though your website? Use tools like google analytics to see how many pages they looked at, or how long they spent on your site. Maximizing your information gives you more tools to use when reaching out. It can also keep you from wasting time cold calling someone who is unqualified.

2. Step In Their Shoes

Now that we know the basics of our lead, lets push even deeper. Take a step info your prospects mind. Try and imagine the world from their perspective. What do they want their business to look like after using your product or service? After you paint a clear picture of their end goal, work backwards. Develop an idea of exactly what it will take to get your customer there. Its important not to forget you are talking to a person, not a business. If you can create a plan that connects with them on an emotional level, you will have a great advantage. Try to understand the decision-making process form their point of view.

3. Ask Questions

The absolute worst thing you can do is tell someone you know “exactly what they need”. Don’t assume you know anything about the buyer. Ask questions, and let them express their frustrations.  Avoid yes or no questions. You want them to talk about themselves, and their company. Digging deep into the who, what, where, when and why will give you great insight into how you can connect with them.

4. Differentiate Yourself From The Competition.

This is often easier said than done. But, being unique is one of the single best ways to connect with a potential customer. Be yourself, and let that shine through during your relationship building. Content creation can be an amazing way to be different. Get in front of the camera and give your knowledge away for free. Branding yourself as an expert in your field will position you as the go-to in your vertical. Don’t worry about being a super polished movie star with perfect sound and lighting. Let your personality shine through and explain what you know, in your terms and way of thinking.

5. Cut To The Chase.

When its time to make a sale you should be as direct and transparent as possible. Your prospects don’t want to hear sales fluff. Tell them exactly how you will solve their problems, and how that will make them more money. Respecting your leads time will work wonders. Think of an elevator pitch, not a speech. If you cannot easily explain your solution in less than one minuet, you are not ready to pitch. Explain how you can add value to your prospect, and let them decide if its worth it.